Ventilated FIBC Log & Kindling Bags

Firewood storage solutions built for seasoning logs & kindling

We are a leading provider of highly durable ventilated log bags, meticulously designed for the efficient storage or logs, kindling and firewood. Manufactured to streamline the log drying process, preventing mould and maximising ventilation, all while maintaining product integrity and reusability.

Our Vented Log Bulk Bags boast a specialised mesh netting design that promotes superior air circulation and water permeability. This effectively prevents moisture buildup and mould growth, ensuring your logs remain in prime condition.

Vented Log Bag Applications

Our high-quality vented FIBC bulk bags are tailored for logs, firewood, and kindling storage. They excel in:

  • Firewood storage and transportation
  • Log storage for forestry and logging operations
  • Efficient and safe storage

Cenpac stands committed to delivering excellence that marries functionality and top-notch quality. Our Vented Log Bulk Bags reflect this commitment, providing your business with the tools to excel in reliable wood storage.

Key features

Our vented FIBC bulk bags feature a robust and breathable design that ensures the seamless flow of air while preventing moisture buildup and mould growth. This unique combination promotes swift seasoning of wood, ensuring logs are ready for delivery without the hassle of repacking.

Accelerated Drying Process

Embrace the power of maximum ventilation, facilitating the shortest drying time for your product. Our Vented Log Bulk Bags are engineered to let air circulate freely, expediting the seasoning process to perfection.

Efficient Bulk Storage

Tailored for logs and firewood storage, our vented bulk bags utilise mesh netting to encourage robust air circulation. This aids in the crucial seasoning and drying journey, making sure your products are primed for optimal quality.

Winter-Ready Convenience

These bags for wood storage are designed to simplify your operations, ensuring your logs are ready to meet the demands of winter. As the cold season approaches, streamline your tasks with our exceptional log sacks. 

Quality Assurance

Our ventilated log bags are crafted from top-tier polypropylene fabric, specifically chosen for its air circulation properties. This breathable material ensures rapid and efficient drying for wood and other materials.

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