Cost-Effective FIBC
Bulk Bag Modifications

Precise service, with invaluable cost-efficiency

Have you ever received an order of bags from your existing supplier that fell short of expectations? 

Our UK manufacturing operation provides bulk bag modifications and re-works to rectify “unintentional” printing errors, add ID panels, convert filling/discharge spouts, alter dust-proof seams or personalise designs with extra features such as webbing and document pockets.

Partner with us, and you’ll have the added benefit of a timely, precise service with invaluable cost-efficiency.

Food Grade FIBCs

At Cenpac, we take great pride in the production of food grade FIBCs for the bulk packaging of products like sugar, freeze dried coffee, milk powder, nuts and pulses, etc. 

Our team expertly heat seals all thread ends to prevent contamination, securely sews external hems that keep your product safe from direct contact with outside elements, while ensuring all exposed ends of fill and discharge spouts are hemmed. 

As an extra layer of protection, PE food grade liners are installed into every bag which can be tailored as needed – straight or shaped; tabbed or glued – so you know each bag is made specially for you with only premium quality coated fabric used throughout. 

UN Certified FIBCs

For safe and compliant powdered chemical product transport, look no further than Cenpac’s UN certified FIBCs. 

Engineered to exceptional industry-approved standards, our UN certified FIBC bulk bags have undergone extensive stacking tests, righting, topple and drop tests to guarantee your products will arrive in impeccable condition, while safeguarding people’s welfare, property and the environment from any potential harm. 

With bespoke UN markings printed on each unit for easy identification, you can rest assured that stringent quality regulations are being effectively met.

Four Types of Bulk Bag Fabrics

Type A FIBCs

Unless otherwise specified, all FIBC’s will be classified as Type A. These are made of woven polypropylene (WPP) and other non-conductive fabrics, but offer no protection against electrostatic discharges and therefore are not safe to use for transporting flammable or hazardous products.

Type B FIBCs

Similar to Type A FIBCs, Type B bulk bags are not anti-static but are made from woven polypropylene or non-conductive materials that have a low breakdown voltage up to 6kv for protection against brush discharges.These are used to safely transport dry, flammable powders and do not require earthing.

Type C FIBCs

Type C FIBCs (or ground-able bulk bags) feature an interlinked chequered pattern of conductive threads connected to earthing tabs positioned around the bag. It is imperative that these are ‘grounded’ using crocodile clips and a suitable earthing system for safe filling and discharging. Type C bags must be used for certain combustible products and/or in the presence of flammable vapours with an ignition energy >0.14mJ. Each individual bag is electrostatically tested to IEC 61340-4-4 Standards.

Type D FIBCs

Type D FIBCs are made from static dissipative fabrics containing quasi-conductive tapes designed to prevent the occurrence of incendiary sparks and brush discharges, without the need for earthing. These dissipate static electricity into the atmosphere via the corona effect and can be used for combustible products and/or in the presence of flammable vapours with an ignition energy >0.14mJ.

Sift Proof Bags

To ensure product integrity, our sift proof bags feature state-of-the art stuffing cord sewn into the seams to help seal up stitch holes and prevent ultra fine powder from escaping.

Specialised coated fabric keeps even the smallest of particles in place, while dust seams can be utilised on all sections of a bulk bag or just those taking most pressure for optimal protection against leakage during transport. These come as single seam protectors (on one side), double (both sides) or triple (on both sides and between layers of the fabric).

PE Liners

In some cases, products behave almost like liquids, where even a sift proof bag cannot prevent leakage through the seams. This is where it becomes necessary to use PE liners for FIBCs. 

These liners fit slightly larger than the FIBC enclosure for the outer bag to bear the weight of the product, and prevent tearing or splitting at the seams.  Moreover, their shape can be tailored at the top or bottom for improved filling and discharging – tabbed in at the 8 corners or fully glued into bag options to ensure that materials stay securely stowed.

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