Quality Polythene Products For Every Job

At Cenpac we provide quality polythene products that are suited for even the most demanding of applications, including stretch films, pallet covers, bale wrap, poly bags, sacks and liners. 

Waste Wrap & Bale Films

Our dedication to making the waste management process smoother and more efficient has allowed us to collaborate with some of the industry’s leading firms for many years across the agricultural, waste and recycling sectors. We’ve used our expertise and cutting-edge technology, including 5 & 7 layer coextrusion, to design high quality waste wrap and bale films with superior puncture resistance, elasticity and UV stability guaranteed up to 12 months. 

Compatible for all wrapping machinery types, our sustainable Centri-Tuff stretch wrap can help you secure both round bales or square ones, keeping your valuable animal bedding or feedstock fresh regardless of the terrain or weather conditions – free samples are valuable upon request. We also provide trailer liner for wagons and trucks, as well as hi-adhesive tapes to cover those unwanted puncture holes.


Made from advanced Centri-Tuff polymer blends and multi-layer co-extrusion line technology, we offer lightweight yet robust polythene packaging that helps protect your bulk goods through their distribution journey across wide-ranging climates, while utilising 20% less plastic than current specifications.

For more information about our Centri-Tuff range, please contact one of our friendly technical staff who will be happy to chat about your requirements.

Machine & Hand Stretch Films

We offer a broad selection of cast or blown hand stretch films and machine stretch films with superior tear-resistance to secure items on pallets during transit – from wrapped aggregates to frozen food!

Our stock list of stretch films includes standard and high performance options from 6mu to 34mu thickness in several colour variations that can even be personalised with your company logo. Rest assured, you’re receiving the best possible product for safe transportation between Point A & B.

Mailing Bags & Pallet Wrap Films

Our cost-effective mailing bags and pallet wrap films protect literature from moisture and punctures, offering large and small businesses nationwide maximum protection at unbeatable rates. 

Choose between standard or Centri-Tuff material for added strength. Best of all, our unique recycled material option helps you reduce costs without sacrificing quality – all available in up to 8 colours! No matter your requirements, we provide a secure postal packaging solution that works hard for you and the environment too, backed with experienced support every step of the way.

Polythene Sacks,
Bags & Liners

Polythene sacks, bags and liners have been a reliable form of packaging for decades. With a vast range of sizes, thicknesses and colour options available, it’s our job to make sure that you’re getting the right product for your needs. If required, we also offer customised branding options for an extra personal touch.

  • Open mouth sacks
  • Gusseted bags & non gusseted bags 
  • Block bottom valve sacks 
  • 3 Dimensional block bottom
  • Back-seam or tube
  • Folded base or single seam
  • Micro-perforated bags 
  • Anti-slip & anti-static additives
  • Laminated or unlaminated
  • Matte & metallic gloss finish mix 
  • Zip closures
  • Easy open systems
  • Side and top handles
  • Multi layer co-ex materials

Blown Silage Film

Our blown silage film is a world-class polythene product made of the finest raw materials (100% Virgin C8 polymer) and produced in a multi-layer blown extrusion process with 5 or 7 layers offering unbeatable puncture resistance, higher adhesive levels and tensile strength. 

Rest assured that you get a real return on your investment when you select our blown silage film thanks to its reliable and sturdy construction, flexible material and UV protection characteristics, available in 750mm and 500mm widths with an array of colours to choose from.