Food-Grade Bulk Packaging Solutions

Prioritising food safety and maintaining quality

Cenpac is committed to creating and providing durable, food-safe packaging that adheres to strict hygiene and quality standards. Whether you deal with coffee, malt, barley, coffee, or any other dried food products, our packaging ensures that your goods remain in prime condition throughout their journey. Our diverse product range includes  PP woven sacks and a variety FIBC Bulk bag designs tailored to meet your food loading and unloading requirements.

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Cenpac is not just a supplier, we are your go-to partner in ensuring the safety and integrity of your food products. With over 40 years experience, we bring a commitment to sustainability and quality to the table. Our global network and in-house expertise are here to provide the best packaging solutions for your food products.

Decades of Expertise in
Food-Safe Packaging

Trusted by recognised food producers across the globe, our products and services are known for their quality. We adhere to strict safety measures through rigorous raw material checks, thorough manufacturing inspection, and in-depth quality control.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you optimise your processes, reduce production costs, and maintain consumer trust in food safety.

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