FIBC Bulk Bags For Secure Transportation

Our UN certified FIBC bulk bags come in various sizes, shapes and lifting loop options manufactured to your specifications – ensuring each package fits the needs of your business, while maintaining health and safety standards.

For more information on each type of bulk bag, feel free to call us on 01942 290149 with any further questions.

Open Top Plain Base
Bulk Bags

Simple but powerful with many applications

Open Top Discharge Spout Bulk Bags

Ideal for transferring bulk materials in a fast and efficient manner

Top Filling Plain Base
Bulk Bags

Engineered for maximum strength and support with its four lifting loops

Filling and Discharge
Bulk Bags

The perfect solution for those looking to both load and empty their products with ease

Skirt Top
Plain Base Bulk Bags

Hard-wearing, reusable and ideal to use as dumpy bags

Skirt Top &
Discharge Spout Bulk Bags

Ideal for holding large quantities of materials such as sand, rubble, grains and more

"Q" Bag

Maximising efficiency by utilising inner baffles & retaining shape

For a wide range of applications ranging from industrial to agricultural use, Cenpac supplies both standard and customised FIBC Bulk Bags (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) to businesses all over the world.
Crafted from woven polypropylene fabric, FIBCs (also referred to as builders bags or tonne bags) can hold up to 2000 kg of contents including food products, construction aggregates, chemicals and more thanks to their durable yet light-weight design, providing a safe and economical alternative to traditional shipping methods to the storage and transportation of your bulk materials.